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What you need to know

It is well known that pets provide friendship, love, and happiness for people for thousands of years since Alexandrine parrots get along so well with people and are pretty interesting, that is why Alexandrine parrots are the best pets.

Birds like the Alexandrine parrot are interesting to observe.

The origins of Alexandrine parrots

For centuries, Alexandrine parrots have been kept as pets and friends on the Indian Subcontinent. Their names derive from Alexander the Great, who was impressed with their beauty while fighting.

These physical traits characterize Alexandrine parrots:

  1. Plumage: Small markings and designs make the feathers of Alexandrine parrots stand out against the bright green, blue, and yellow background. As a result, they are beautiful to look at.
  1. Size and shape: These parrots are medium to large, measuring 22 to 25 inches on average. The long tail makes them stand out because they are strong and appear well.

Reason 1: The personalities of Alexandrine parrots make them interesting.

Dedicated and affectionate towards those who care for them

They love and care for the people they live with, which is one of the best things about Alexandrine Parrots. Their bond with their caregivers is strong, and they thrive off the attention and contact they get.

Playfulness and smarts

Despite being naughty and playful, these parrots make their owners happy and make them happy to watch. Their intelligence shines through as they learn new tricks and play together.

Reason 2: Alexandrine parrots can be excellent mimics.

Communication and behavior similar to that of other animals

They are excellent talkers because Alexandrine parrots are natural mimics of sounds. Astonishingly, they can learn words and phrases and copy human speech with incredible accuracy.

There are some words they can learn that are common

In addition to teaching greetings, emotions, and even animal sounds, these intelligent birds can also learn a wide range of words and sentences. Owners of Alexandrine parrots have told stories of their birds imitating laughter or phone calls perfectly.

Reason 3: Alexandrine parrots are easy to care for.

The food needs of the population

Considering their low care requirements, Alexandrine parrots have simple food requirements. Healthy meals include fruits and vegetables, grains, and nuts. Once in a while, nuts can also be served as treats.

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment

Cleanliness is essential for Alexandrine’s parrots. Their feathers must be misted or bathed frequently to maintain health and beauty. In addition to improving their general health, trimming their nails and beaks also improves their appearance.

Reason 4: Alexandrine parrots form lifelong bonds with each other

Getting to know people and forming relationships

People caring for Alexandrine’s parrots know them for their substantial leaps. The best long-term partners enjoy being around others and actively seek attention and company.

Emotional intelligence and empathy

Despite their appearance, these amazing birds have emotional intelligence and can sense the emotions of their human companions. If their parents are going through a difficult time, they offer support and comfort to them.

Reason 5: Smart and good at fixing problems 

Alexandrine parrots keep their minds active by playing.

In addition to being intelligent and able to solve problems, Alexandrine parrots are excellent problem solvers. Their minds are kept busy and bright by playing with challenging games and toys.

A child’s brain needs to develop through toys and games.

Games and toys are essential for keeping Alexandrine’s parrots’ minds active. Their minds are kept active and stimulated by interactive toys, which is good for their health and happiness.


Reason 6: The Alexandrine parrot is a social bird.

The importance of talking to others

Due to their social nature, Alexandrine parrots enjoy being around people and other birds. As a result of regular social contact, they gain the ability to act like themselves and are less likely to develop behavioral problems.

Alexandrine parrots as pets can have several advantages

Having more than one Alexandrine parrot around can be fun and interesting. Moreover, this can benefit their mental and emotional health as they act naturally as flocks and form strong bonds with each other.


Reason 7: Alexandrine parrots are loyal friends.

Taking care of others with loyalty

It is said that Alexandrine parrots are highly loyal to their human caretakers once they have gained their trust. Known for their love and devotion, these people make excellent friends because they form deep bonds with them.

Self-protection examples

There have been many stories of Alexandrine parrot owners describing how their birds protected their handlers. Additionally, If things get bad, they have tried to help their owners by warning them of possible dangers.

Reason 8: Nothing is more beautiful and colorful than an Alexandrine parrot.

Feathers of different shapes and colors

Colorful feathers make Alexandrine parrots stand out among other parrots. Their bright green feathers stand out against the blues and yellows of their surroundings, giving them a very appealing appearance.

The decor should look good in the home.

Even when they are not in their natural habitat, Alexandrine parrots are beautiful to observe. Furthermore, their bright appearance enhances the appearance of homeowners’ homes and makes them feel lively and alive.

Reason 9: Alexandrine Parrots Encourage Physical Activity

Exercising and moving around

A daily activity schedule is essential for keeping an Alexandrine parrot healthy and happy. Additionally, giving them a lot of chances to climb, fly, and explore their surroundings helps them live a busy and satisfying life.

Getting people to live healthy lives

Owners can live a more active life by doing things like involved play and controlled flight time with their pets. Alexandrine parrots can make their owners want to get more exercise every day.

Reason 10: Alexandrine parrots are suitable for your mental health and happiness.

There are health perks to having a bird as a pet.

It has been shown that interacting with Alexandrine parrots improves people’s mental health. Remarkably, their presence makes us happy, makes us feel less alone and anxious, and gives us a sense of purpose and company.

Their appearance makes people happier and less stressed.

The fun and loving nature of Alexandrine parrots can significantly affect the health and happiness of their owners. Additionally, their attractive traits and ability to make people smile and laugh can make people feel better and less stressed.

Summary: The Best Things About Having an Alexandrine Parrot as a Pet

In short, Alexandrine parrots are the best pets because they have traits that make them the best partners. From their charming personalities and excellent mimicking skills to their low care needs and unique intelligence, they are great at always bringing joy and love to people.

Questions Often Asked About Alexandrine Parrots

A. On average, how long does an Alexandrine parrot live?

An Alexandrine parrot lives about 25 to 30 years on average. But some have been known to live even longer with reasonable care and a safe place to live.

B. How much do they need to talk to each other every day?

Alexandrine parrots need daily attention and contact from the people caring for them. Please spend a few hours with them daily to get to know them and build a relationship with them.

C. Can Alexandrine’s parrots get used to living in apartments?

Even though Alexandrine parrots can live in flats, ensuring they have enough room for physical exercise and mental stimulation is essential. Their health depends on being able to fly and play with toys and perches.

D. Are Alexandrine’s parrots friendly with other animals?

With the proper introductions and training, Alexandrine parrots can live peacefully with other pets. However, care and control should be used to ensure all animals are safe and healthy.

E. What kind of conditions do they need to do well?

Alexandrine parrots do best in places where they can be mentally and physically stimulated, connect with other people, and eat a healthy diet. Moreover, they need a big pen, lots of toys, and regular time out of the cage for their health.


In conclusion, Alexandrine parrots are, without a doubt, beautiful pets for all the reasons we’ve already talked about. Notably, their exciting personalities, exceptional imitating skills, loyalty, and beautiful looks make them a joy to own and care for.

So, if you’re looking for a great pet, look no further than the beautiful Alexandrine parrots. Moreover, for personal assistance regarding any query, contact us