amazon double yellow head parrot


Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot is one of the most strikingly distinctive parrot species in aviculture. Because of their unique physical characteristics, endearing personalities, and fascinating voices, these parrots have won the hearts of many bird watchers and pet owners. This page aims to thoroughly examine these parrots by discussing their ancestry, physical features, and care needs.

Origin and Habitat of the Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot

Central American Rainforests: A Haven for the Amazona oratrix

The Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot, or Amazona oratrix as it is formally named, is a native of the Central American rain forests. Eastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua are all home to these parrots’ natural habitats. They are most at home in humid tropical woods, home to many plant and animal species.

Physical Characteristics of Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot

Incredible: the Colorful Feathers

The stunning plumage of the Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot is one of the bird’s most alluring characteristics. The emerald green of their wings and back contrast beautifully with the bright yellow of their head and face in these parrots. A unique red patch on their foreheads adds a dash of crimson to their costume, making them even more visually appealing.

Dimensions and Size

Medium to big birds best describe the Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot. From beak to tail, they average 15 to 17 inches (38 to 43 cm) in length, while their wingspan is 28 inches (71 cm).

A Capable Voice of Yellow-fronted Parrot

These parrots’ remarkable vocal powers are one of its most distinguishing features. Their cries, which frequently sound like human speech or other everyday noises, have earned them a reputation for clarity and beauty. People who are interested in parrots and avian linguistics appreciate them for their capacity to mimic human speech.

amazon yellow headed parrot

Feeding the Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot: Nutrition and Diet Tips

A Varied Menu: Meeting Nutritional Needs

Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrots need high-quality food to thrive. Fresh fruits and vegetables, premium pelleted parrot food, and occasional treats should make up the bulk of their diet. Nuts, seeds, and berries are also a favorite of these parrots.

Hydration For Yellow Head Parrot

These parrots need a constant supply of clean water. They need access to clean water for drinking and washing, which helps keep their colorful feathers in good condition.

Creating the Ideal Habitat for Your Amazona Oratrix: Environment and Housing

Large Aviaries with Plenty of Space to Explore

Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrots do best in large, open aviaries with plenty of space to fly about. Due to their high energy levels, parrots of this species need a large cage or enclosure to fly about and play.

Enhancement of the Environment

These parrots need a variety of toys, perches, and puzzles to keep their minds active and healthy. Engaging in enrichment activities helps keep a parrot from becoming bored and stressed.

Fostering Bonds: Social Interactions of the Double Yellow-Headed Parrot

Animals with a Social Need for Communication

These parrots are known for their outgoing personalities. They benefit significantly from having constant human company. Building a solid relationship with someone requires investing time in chatting, playing, and training with them.

amazon yellow head

Wellness Check: Maintaining the Health of Your Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot

Maintaining Health with Routine Veterinary Exams

The health of Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrots depends on regular checkups with an avian doctor. These examinations ensure a long and healthy life for your feathery companion, which helps identify and prevent any health concerns.


The Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrot, in conclusion, is a fascinating and unique pet parrot. They make fantastic pets because of their magnificent beauty, engaging attitude, and outstanding singing capabilities. These lively birds may be your companions for decades with the right kind of love, attention, and enrichment.


01) Should a newbie get an Amazon parrot?

They are friendly and clever, but their size and vocal range mean that only experienced birdkeepers should consider getting one.

02) To what age do Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrots typically reach maturity?

If taken care of, these parrots have a potential lifespan of 60 years or more.

03) How well do Amazon Double Yellow Head Parrots respond to speech training?

They are renowned for their linguistic ability and can quickly pick up new words and phrases.

04) Do these parrots have specific needs in terms of climate?

Because they prefer warm, humid climates, it is crucial to replicate conditions found in the tropics.

05)  Are double-yellow-head parrots in the Amazon at risk of extinction?

They are considered “Near Threatened” because of the destruction of their natural habitat and the demand for them in the pet trade.